What is Roller Derby?


Roller Derby, as it is known today, was established in the early 00’s in Austin, Texas. The new Roller Derby is characterized by being a DIY organization; “For the skaters, by the skaters”, as the motto for Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association goes.

Women of all ages, side-by-side skates, mouth guards, helmets, tactics, hard training and unity are some of the things that constitutes what Roller Derby is all about.


Flat Track Roller Derby is played on a flat oval track. A game consists of two halves of 30 minutes.

On the track from each team are one designated point-scorer, the jammer, and four defensive players, the blockers.


In two minute-jams the two teams aim to score most points.

Points are scored when the jammer passes the hip of an opposing skater.


As a blocker you must therefore help your own jammer while holding back the opposing jammer at the same time.

It is permitted to lean, push and hit with the whole body, but no use of hands, elbows or head is permitted.



Blockers work together to stop the opposing jammer and help their own jammer
Flying Panini jamming for Denmark Allstars. The Jammer can be recognized by the star on her helmet.

Photography: Peter Troest

Turn left and hit hard.