Officials: Army of Darkness

Officials: Army of Darkness


We rock without rolling!

Have you ever seen a roller derby bout and wondered about the people dressed in black bringing justice and order? That's us!


There is no simple way of explaining our roles on track because our jobs are diverse.

But one thing is true of them all: a bout couldn't run smoothly without us.


We are here to keep track of the time, record how many points a jammer has scored, log penalties given to a skater and make sure penalised skaters serve their due time in the penalty box.

In short: without us, no bout.


Our jobs require a lot of multi-tasking. We are a big part of the game on track as we must never take our eyes off the skaters and referees but also have to fill out the required paperwork as the action goes down.


We are an internationally esteemed and respected officiating crew. We participate in every one of our leagues games, home and away and are often invited to officiate at international bouts and tournaments all over Scandinavia and mainland Europe.


We are proud to be a part of such a great sport and we take our jobs immensely seriously and have fun doing it.


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