Copenhagen Roller Derby

Copenhagen Roller Derby


In september 2009 our founder Emma Hedman (Saboteur) returned from a trip in the states. She brought home a pair of skates and an idea: She wanted to start a roller derby-team in Copenhagen! Emma collected some friends; some of them experienced skaters. They began to study this new game.


The american derby skater Amy Goodheart showed her good heart by teaching us correct crossovers, derbystops and so on. The group contained new members every week, and the skating skills improved.

During wintertime on the Harbour of Copenhagen in a extremely cold warehouse we jumped apex’es, ran on our toestops and invented names for moves we found usefull in the blocking-process.

In june 2010 the Rollin Heartbreakers and some of our friends form Århus Derby Dames played our first bout against Hamburg Harbor’ Girls and won! - And so, knowing the sweet taste of victory, we have been fighting against Europes leagues, defeating and being defeated ever since.


The league now contains two bouting-teams: Rollin Heartbreakers and Kick Ass Cuties.

Often we have invited two different teams to Copenhagen and set up a big doubble-header. When we bout, we mostly do it in DGI-byen in central Copenhagen. The venue can host 800 spectators, and it has often been completely full.

We are currently going through the WFTDA apprentice-program to become a full member of the international organization.

The league with all it’s members is a democratic organization, and everybody is volunteering to make the magic happen. Freshmeat are welcomed once a month, and we have initiated a junior-league for players aged 10 - 18. Reffs and NSO’s enjoy being the non-bruised part of the league.



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